Who’s Moving In Vs. Moving Out of Denver, CO?


Every month I read news about a company moving their headquarters to Denver. At the same time, I find out that some are moving out.

But what are the broad trends for those moving in and out of Denver? While some you can witness in your neighborhoods and workplaces, some may surprise you!  Here are the top states filing into Denver, and the most attractive states tempting us to move.

Who’s Moving In?

Based on real estate groups and trends, the biggest influx of people is coming from California, North Carolina, and the Midwest.

From California

Denver Real Estate Agents have helped droves of Californians find a new home in Denver. While many relocate for their tech and entertainment careers, many are seeking a less expensive, active lifestyle that Colorado offers. The cities we’re seeing movement include San Francisco and Los Angeles.

From North Carolina

Besides the VF Corporation relocating to Denver, there are a number of people moving to Denver over the likes of The Northeast and California.

From The Midwest

Denver remains popular for Millennial Midwesterners who seek the active lifestyles, booming downtowns, public transportation, and job opportunities that Denver provides.

Who’s Moving Out?

While thousands are flocking to Denver each year, some are choosing to leave due to rising prices, traffic congestion, or job opportunities elsewhere. Here are some of the places they’re moving:   

To Phoenix

Phoenix offers many of the perks that Denver does: Active lifestyles and mostly mild weather.  But since Phoenix isn’t growing at the rate of Denver, home prices are more affordable for all types of buyers.

To Texas

San Antonio and Dallas are both growing as job opportunities and inexpensive home prices attract people from around the country. Located between the two, Austin is the funky Texas city that is attracting Millenials and young families.

To Chicago

According to Redfin, Chicago was one of the most searched destinations for Denver residents looking for homes.

While these are some of the top destinations for people moving in and out of Denver, we’re seeing movement everywhere in the country.

If you’re moving to Denver from one of these locations or another, contact Frontgate Realty to purchase a home in the best Denver neighborhoods. For those looking to test out a new city, let us help you sell your home! Contact us today.