Our Clients Say It Best  

“Working with Kristen, Scott and Frontgate Realty Group made the process of preparing and selling our home much easier than it might otherwise have been. Kristen and Scott are professionals in the truest sense of the word - they remain calm and focused on the goal, no matter what twist or turn the transaction might take. Our belief is that an agent is part real estate expert, part psychologist, and they aptly wore whichever hat was necessary to get the job done.

First and foremost, Kirsten and Scott know the market. In the University Hills area, they seemed to know every house on every street (not an exaggeration!), knowing when it had last sold, condition of the home and particulars of the property. We felt confident that their suggestions regarding price, expected time to sell and competition were accurate. As our home was built eight years prior to listing, we felt the condition was good but knew it needed freshening to be competitive with newer homes. Frontgate consulted a stager, an architect and an interior designer to determine what areas could be updated in a cost effective manner, increasing the marketability of our home. While we received plenty of input from friends and family, the professional opinion of the consultants resulted in new interior and exterior paint colors that made an immediate difference in the feel of our home and brought it more in line with newer construction. We would not have hit this mark without the assistance of these professionals, and while we could have searched them out on our own, the time and frustration saved by having Scott and Kristen handle these details allowed us to focus on other essential areas of the move. Kristen, Scott and their associates invested significant time in selecting and testing multiple colors to arrive at the final selections. We believe this made all the difference in our house selling in a very short time.

Staging was a difficult but completely necessary aspect of the listing and sale. Receiving multiple pages of suggested changes was not easy! But it served two very different, but for us equally important, purposes: 1) Cleaning out and decluttering made an immeasurable difference in the look of our home. We would not have reached this level on our own, and although we questioned the time, energy and moving/storage costs associated with staging, when it was complete, it was obviously the correct and only direction to go. Frontgate provided the stager, eliminating the need for us to find someone on our own and assuring that she was experienced and knew just what our house needed. 2) Cleaning out and decluttering helped us to begin the process of detaching and readied us for the inevitable sadness associated with leaving a beloved home.

As Scott’s company originally built our home, we had the extra benefit of the builder marketing the resale. Structurally, he knew the home better than we did, and he could answer many questions the prospective buyers had. The house was originally built to a high standard, and Frontgate effectively conveyed that to potential buyers. Additionally, when minor repairs were needed after inspection, Frontgate helped to quickly arrange the needed contractors.

While we had many options when we decided to list our home, after a single meeting with Scott and Kristen, it was obvious to us that they were the team to sell our home. From beginning to end, it was evident that we made an excellent decision. We would be happy to speak personally with potential clients if that would be helpful.”

— Debbie and Luke Lands

“Kristen & Scott make the best team in town. Having grown up here, they bring a clear perspective on everything from neighborhoods, to schools, to even your possible commute. When our family first starting our journey of possibly purchasing a home, we really didn't know where to look, we had only been in the area for a short time. Kristen and Scott took all our suggestions/wants/needs into consideration and found us the right home within our budget, in a great neighborhood, attached to an award winning school district that met the needs of all 3 of our children. 
Even since purchasing our home 5 years ago, I still rely on this team, I often send them messages on recommendations, suggestions & ideas all related to our property, never do I have to wait more than just a few hours for a response (sometimes the response is even immediate). 
If you are considering a move/purchase, I highly recommend you reach out to Kristen and Scott!”

— Cynthia Chan Monson

“Kristen and Scott continue to surpass all of our expectations. Their integrity and knowledge are unparalleled. They treated us like family. We were in the process of remodeling one home and selling the another... timing was everything. Because of their expertise, everything worked out perfectly! If you want the best, you will get it from Kristen and Scott.”

— Shelly Arrambide Shatley

“Kristen and Scott are amazing to work with! They’re professional yet compassionate and understanding about the emotional aspect of selling or purchasing a home. Growing up in Denver and being in the business so long shows, they’re incredibly knowledgeable and ahead of the curve in regards to pricing, neighborhoods and quality of home. We would highly recommend using them if you’re looking for an easier buying/selling process!”

— Natalie Quigg Urruty