5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Looking to sell your home in Denver? Before you start manicuring your lawn and booking a moving service, there is one essential thing you’ll need to figure out. A real estate agent!

There are many ways to find a real estate agent--referrals, company representation, or your cousin-twice-removed-who’s-now-an-agent. But don’t go with just anyone. Before you hire an agent, make sure you properly vet them. Here are five questions I recommend asking your real estate agent before hiring them.

How many homes have you helped buy and sell in my neighborhood?

Having a real estate agent that is deeply familiar with your neighborhood will almost always result in a faster sale.


They will already be familiar with the types of home in your neighborhood, asking and selling prices, and projected home value growth. This local knowledge can be leveraged in a number of ways. They might even know buyers looking to move into that neighborhood.

What is my house worth and why?

Asking the why will tell you a lot about your real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise. If they can’t accurately and sufficiently educate you on your own home, how will they relay this message to potential buyers? This should go beyond location and square footage into specific finishes and attributes of your home.

How will you promote my home?

Having a real estate agent who has access to tools, multiple listing services (MLS), and a solid social media following can all contribute to a quicker sale with multiple offers. This question will also tell you whether they plan to bring in a stager or recommend curb appeal improvements. All of these combined will improve your experience and home asking price.

Can I get a reference?

Any real estate agent should be able to provide you with multiple references from both buyers and sellers. I always advise new buyers to do their due diligence and contact them. Hearing their honest opinions will prepare you for the experience and lead to other useful questions.  

Do you know other professionals?

Buying or selling a home often requires an entire team of professionals. This could be loan officers, stagers, home builders, movers--the list goes on. Having a real estate agent with a long-time and trusted network will make the entire process seamless.

View our partner page to see our network. Even more valuable is our sister company, AJ Kirkegaard, who can complete renovations (or build custom homes). Having a real estate partner plus a home builder as a resource allows you to increase your asking price or make quick modifications after purchasing your next home.

Ready to sell your home in Denver? Contact Frontgate and ask us these questions and any others you might have!

Kelsey Anderson